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#include <time.h>

#include <sys\stat.h>
#include <stdio.h>
void main()
    struct stat status;
    FILE *fp;
    printf("Size of file : %d",status.st_size);
    printf("Drive name   : %c",65+status.st_dev);

Function int fstat (char *, struct stat *) store the information of open file in form of structure struct stat Structure struct stat has been defined in sys\stat.h as

struct stat {
    short  st_dev,   st_ino;
    short  st_mode,  st_nlink;
    int    st_uid,   st_gid;
    short  st_rdev;
    long   st_size,  st_atime;
    long   st_mtime, st_ctime;


(a)st_dev: It describe file has stored in which drive of your computer  ,it returns a number.

(b)st_mode:  It describes various modes of file like file is read only, write only, folder, character file etc.

(c)st_size: It tells the size of file in byte.

(d)st_ctime:It tells last data of modification of the file in date format.

Note: 65 is ASCII value of A .So after adding status.st_dev with 65 it will return appropriate drvie name as in your computer.


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